Caroline Matteucci

Fondatrice & profilier

Welcome to CM Profiling!

I am a “Human Learner", passionate about how she works, her emotions, her behaviour, her deviances and her potentialities. You are at the centre of my interests.

My rich background of studies, personal and professional experiences, research and meetings, leads me today to position myself as an expert in body language (reading and behavioural analysis).

For more information about my professional and academic background.

After several years as an independent, my meeting with Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck, her potential, her strengths and skills, convinced me to create CM Profiling at the end of 2017.

Emotional intelligence is now a recognized skill. The fact that our emotions interact not only with our behaviour towards ourselves, our environment or others is clearly established. The ability to analyze the credibility of our interlocutors is crucial for several reasons: when choosing a partner (business or private), when recruiting, to better target the expectations of our interlocutors or to detect any dangerous behavior. Knowing our body language and personal code increases our leadership and impact. Therefore, to know oneself and primordial in the analysis of the other.

The golden circle of CM Profiling:

Why: The human will always have priority over everything. He is at the centre of our mission. Our passion and ambition is to detect its flaws, discover its potential and protect it.

How : Make them aware of the importance of observation, clues to establish the behavioural profile of their interlocutor and / or themselves

What : To offer him tailor-made profiling services, training tailored to his specific needs and offer a decision support tool in the form of an artificial intelligence that is being implemented (subscribe to know the progress of the project)

CM Profiling allies itself with personalities who are experts in their field.

The team is being built step by step.

“A heart-to-heart encounter"

Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck
Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck Partner & psycho-coach

Whilst Caroline Matteucci seeks to develop her activities as an expert in reading and behavioural analysis, she meets Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck. The friendship they develop gives them the impetus to go even further: many of us are always stronger. They recognise themselves very quickly in a common point: their interest for the human.

Their priority is to devote themselves to this one in order to allow him to discover and develop his potential. The objective is to get him to detect his own flaws as well as those of his interlocutor, in order to make him safe from any individual with deviant behaviour. This common vision now allows them to form a shock team.

Emotions interact with behaviour, whether towards oneself, the environment or towards others. This is a clearly established fact. The ability to analyse the credibility of its interlocutors is crucial, whether in the choice of a partner (business or private), when recruiting or to better target the expectations of its customers or partners. In order to allow access to these techniques, CM Profiling offers its services and specific training.

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