CM Profiling’s expertise focuses on behavioural reading and analysis methods used in criminology in the United States: facial microexpressions, body language, verbal language and proxemics. They are included under the term Profiling.
It is necessary not to confuse profiling and profiling. At CM Profiling, you will find experts in behavioural reading and analysis and not tools that allow you to establish the criminal profile of a personality.
This discipline is also very useful to the business world and still little used in Europe. It is a real tool to efficiently manage your daily situations such as strategic recruitment, conflict management, delicate negotiations, etc.
Thanks to the innovative techniques proposed by CM Profiling, you will be able to increase your congruence detection rate, identify the body language of the other, your own and thus adapt your strategy.



CM Profiling offers its services for the behavioural reading of an individual or (a group) of individual(s). From the specific techniques, the points of non-coherence between speech and non-verbal language are identified as well as the signals of agreement or disagreement. The credibility analysis makes it possible to form an objective opinion of the interlocutor and to identify the key points allowing to take the advantage in a concrete situation.
CM Profiling approaches behavioural reading from a performance perspective. By carefully observing the consistency between the words used and the gestures applied, the impact of personal alignment is highlighted. Thus, a better knowledge of body language allows an efficient reading of the individual examined.
With CM Profiling learn to communicate beyond words. Communication is not only about words, it is about gestures and body posture. 93% of the message is conveyed by the non-verbal (55% by the body, 38% by the voice) and only 7% by words.


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